Solid Hardwood Laser-Engraved Urns. Hand-crafted in our own woodworking shop in Sleepy Eye of American grown, kiln-dried oak and walnut. All urns feature exceptional, fine-quality craftsmanship. Laser engraving gives the designs incredible detail. Each lifestyle-oriented design is intended to make a positive statement about the departed and make each piece special. We laser engrave these urns in our own shop so we can offer you timely delivery.

We would be happy to talk to you about other laser engraving possibilities - either images we have on file, or based on an image of your own. Please call us today.
3-D Carved urns are available in three Reverence Urn Styles: Regency, Legacy and Traditional.
3-D Carved urns are built when you order them, so please allow 2-3 days for that. Click the image (at left) to view our collection of designs. Most of the samples shown are in oak, but cherry and walnut are also available. Laser engraved personalization, if desired, is included on 3-D Carved urns an no additional charge.
Available in Oak or Walnut.
Note the beautiful, finely detailed engraved designs. We do all our own laser engraving, so you can be assured of top quality and prompt delivery.

Exceptional quality
(Detail of O-10:Oak Tree at right)
Our metal urns are eye-catching and we guarantee they will sell! Some urns also feature a child-size urn. You will be as pleased to offer these urns to your families as we are to offer them to you!
With the recent addition of a diamond bit engraving machine, you can now get your metal engraved urns from one source. Not all urns can be engraved in a satisfactory manner. Some have intricate designs and make engraving impossible. Others are made of materials that don't engrave well. For these we have developed other solutions, like engraved plates, pendants and display bases.
We also use our laser engraver for engraving wood urns, marble urns and glass cylinders.
At Mark Thomas Co. we can meet your personalization needs. Call us for pricing! Click a picture below to view our personalization options.
Cloisonne urns are made of copper and plated with gold in the traditional many-step cloisonne process, a technique over 700 years old. Each urn is a work of art, yet surprisingly affordable. You will be proud to offer your families these beautiful handcrafted urns.
Cultured marble urns are made with natural stone and resins, individually formed in a mold, and hand-polished. Personalizing is available, either laser engraving, or with an engraved metal plate.
Our Victory Urns (pictured at left) are hand thrown by our master potters in our own ceramics studio. These urns are beautiful and a great value. All of our ceramic urns are attractive and unique. The tops of these urns are not threaded: glue is provided to close them permanently. Also suitable for use as a scattering urn.
These urns are designed and developed by Howard Miller. These urns are beautiful and are a great value. Choose from clock urns, a picture frame urn, a vast selection of chest urns and elegant metal scattering capsules.
These urns are made in the U.S.A. Sheet metal urns are made of satin polished stainles steel or polished and lacquered sheet bronze. Urns have a snap lock lid with a bag for cremated remains. Urns can be engraved for personalization.
These vaults are made in the U.S.A. Light-weight and strong. Made of ABS Polymer. Water-Tight Adhesive included with the vault.
These urns are uniquely crafted and provide a green alternative to traditional metal urn products.
These urns offer a very handsome finish. Photo urn photos slide in from below using an ingenious mechanism that give the urn a nicely finished look. Most are engraveable (not scattering). Photo urns and are offered in two colors: Black or Dark Cherry.
Horizontal urns are available in two colors: Dark Cherry or Bamboo.
Scattering Urns come in three styles. Sliding top panel opening system for easy use.
These are made of 75% recycled paperboard and are themselves fully recycleable. They consist of a paper wrapped double wall tube that the funeral director fills and seals. They are easy for the funeral director to fill, and easy for the family to use at the time of scattering - the top pops open
Choose from four designs: Mountains, Autumn Path, Daises or Seashell.
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Votive, Memory Light Candles and Serenity Angel keepsakes are attractive options for families wishing to display a keepsake that doesn't look like an urn.
Votive Keepsakes are made of brass and use a standard tealight candle.
Candle keepsake urns are carved from solid marble, hold a token amount of ashes, and use a standard tealight candle. With presentation box. 3"W x 1.75"T. Memory Lights come in four colors.
Angel keepsakes are made of resin and close with a snap-in cover in the bottom of the urn. Available in five colors.

Polymer resin urns are injection molded. Top snaps on for use as scattering urn, or may be sealed with included adhesive. Photo frame (one is included) holds 4" x 6" photo. Approved for direct burial in major cemeteries. Call for copy of testing certificate.
Black plastic box with hinged lid that snaps closed. Comes in white corrugated box, with label for postiive identification of cremains. Cremains bag also included.
14" long. Crafted of brass, threaded rosebud with silicone plug for secure closure. Presentation box included.