UP402 Pendant (shown open)
RM2711 Engraved
UP400 Pendant
UP401 Pendant
UP402 Pendant
UP403 Pendant
With the recent addition of a diamond bit engraving machine, you can now get your metal engraved urns from one source.
Not every metal urn can be engraved in a satisfactory manner. Some have intricate designs that make engraving impossible. Others are made of materials that don't engrave well. For these we have developed other solutions, like engraved plates, pendants and display bases.
We offer two styles of pendants, in two colors: pewter and gold. Both styles come with a presentation box and a matching ribbon for hanging it on the urn. UP402 and UP403 hold a small photo.
Cultured Marble engraves well with a laser, and looks great with a gold fill.
A hardwood display base with an engraved plate can be an effective way to display an urn.