Deep Embossed Acknowledgments
The embossed designs on these acknowledgments are made from hand-cut dies, prepared by master artisans. Embossing adds dignity and richness to the sentiment. Even with this careful craftsmanship, these acknowledgments are surprisingly affordable. Embossed cards are difficult to portray accurately on a web site. These cards are much more attractive than we are able to  show. If you have any hesitation, we would be pleased to send you samples. Cards W2801-2806 are blank inside.
These five designs (W2821-2825) have the sentiments printed on the inside of the card. The sentiments are the same as those shown on cards W2801-2805, although they are centered on these cards.
Deep Embossed Special Acknowledgments
These six cards all have the Lily design embossed on the front. Cards W2841-2850 are all blank on the inside. Cards W2851-2855 have "Thank You" on the outside, just like W2850, but have the bearer, musician copy, etc., centered on the inside. Cards may be ordered in boxes of 25 or 50 or in sets of six or nine. W2851 - Bearer; W2852 - Musician; W2853 - Minister; W2854 - Flowers; W2855 - Spiritual Bouquet.
W2821 - Lilies
W2822 - Church Window
W2823 - Water and Flowers
W2824 - Rose
W2825 - Cross and Flowers
W2806 - Scroll
W2807 - Panel
W2801 - Lilies
W2802 - Church Window
W2803 - Water and Flowers
W2804 - Rose
W2805 - Cross and Flowers
W2850 - Thank You
W2841 - Bearer
W2842 - Musician
W2843 - Minister
W2844 - Flowers
W2845 -  Spiritual Bouquet
Custom Embossed Acknowledgments
If you would like a combination of design and sentiment that is not shown here, please call us. We would be happy to print a custom embossed card for your funeral home.